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Where did all of the learning go?

My wife and I took a flight a few weeks ago. We had a layover both to and from our destination. There was a short flight and a longer one, with the longer flight being about four hours long. Normally I would use this time to eat plenty of snacks but unfortunately, that isn’t as plentiful on flights as it was in the past. I knew flying wouldn’t make sleep the easiest pastime either. Now that two of my favorite activities were nixed, what would I do? Well, fortunately, I had a contingency plan.


Don’t shudder. You’re doing it now and surviving.

We both used the time to do some reading. I looked up, though; looking at those in front of us, to the side, and even behind us. I was surprised to see that we were the only one’s doing so as far as we could tell in the seats around us. In the past, it would be normal to see several people reading. Books, newspapers or maybe a copy of skymall would be opened up. Not today. Anyone who was finding entertainment was doing so through electronic media. Phones, tablets, laptops or the little screen on the seat in front of them. There were no digital books being used. It was all movies or shows.

I see nothing wrong with those. In fact, I use them quite frequently. There are a variety of learning and entertaining methods that we can use. They do all have their place. In one of our classes, we recommend a few different types of formats depending on what interests the student. We choose one from each category. It goes something like this:

If they enjoy reading, go to

If listening is their thing, take time and go to

But to see no books was stunning. There have been quite a few studies done over the last few years on how electronics have impacted our culture and more importantly to the way our brains are wired.

I am a firm believer in having hard copies for many things that I want to keep - like books and music. Digital is nice. The cloud is useful. For long term, though, I prefer to have more control on keeping content. Companies and services come and go. So for many of my reading choices, I prefer to keep a hard copy. We need to maintain the written words of our cultures. After all, if they are gone, history won’t be found in a library with no books.

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