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Gun Handling Essentials

Very little range time is given to work on proper firearm technique during most a CCW course. Learn how to improve your accuracy and recoil management.

Concealed Carry Essentials

You’ve learned how to shoot a gun, now let’s learn how to get it out of the holster and on target.

Positional Essentials

When the firm, stable standing positions aren’t always available(or the best option), find out how to manage non-traditional shooting positions.

Moving Essentials

When she yells, “Run, Forest, Run.” Now let's add a gun in your hand.

Lighting Essentials

There are 24 hours in a day. Not all of them are filled with rays of sunshine. Nor is every environment always lit optimally. It is more than just a flashlight.

Medical Essentials

Learn skills that can save your life or the lives of those around you.


  -Basic First Aid

  -Stop the Bleed

Before the Gun Essentials

For those that carry a gun OR have no interest to carry, this is the course for you!

  -Avoiding the Fight

  -Managing space and those in our environment

  -Less lethal options

  -Is pepper spray effective?

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