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Should we hope to experience a similar journey?

Few topics are as decisive as firearms. Most people end up in a debate, with neither side considering viewpoints or changing any minds. I feel that what Yamane hopes to accomplish in Gun Curious is to allow people to have a conversation on this topic (and to be fair, any topic). In a nation that feels like it continues to grow more divisive and polarized, we fail to have what Yamane calls, “good models for engaging in civilized conversation.” So, this can be difficult.

As we consider gun ownership, a powerful quote from the book is, “Before you ever consider any ‘good’ you can do with a gun, consider all of the ways it can go ‘wrong.” This thought process sometimes puts people on opposite sides. He states that people are divided on this topic in two camps. They treat this topic as either safety with guns or safety from guns. David continues on to make comparisons with alcohol, vehicles, swimming, sex, poverty and race. He also references many of the studies used on guns in the last few years.

All of these are discussed as David makes the claim that guns are normal and normal people use guns. He states the historical relevance of ranged weapons as we became civilized. As time has passed since our founding, he explores the change in why society and individuals have guns and use guns. This is called Gun Culture 2.0. as there has been a turn in society seeing them as a tool to deter violence by making people feel they have an added level of protection.

Hopefully, upon reading his work, we can as be open minded with our discussions with others on firearm ownership. So, yes, we should hope to have a similar journey.

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