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A new motorcycle owner

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

So it happened. Our oldest son made a big choice. He bought a motorcycle.

This was very unlike him. When he looked at getting his first car, he had no interest in any of the fast and sporty cars. There were some very thought out features that he wanted. Now he and his friends began talking about everyone in the group getting bikes so they could go ride together and enjoy the experience. In the end, he was the only one that made the decision.

He did lots of research into this new choice. He bought a couple of books. Watched several videos. Not just on what bike to buy, but how they work, how they perform. He become more educated in what it meant to be a bike owner. Then he went beyond just the basics of learning how to ride it.

He had been driving a car for a few years. The laws of the road were not any different. There was a few things he had to think about differently when on the road though. He had to be much more careful and aware of others around him. The risks were much greater on the bike than in his car.

He took a specialized motorcycle driving course. Three days of his life. He had ridden bicycles, but this was an entirely new 2-wheel vehicular experience. In fact, it was a little difficult on his first bike ride outside of his 3-day driving lessons. This wasn't a parking lot anymore. He was very cautious as we drove back home with his new purchase.

First driving experience out in the streets.

There were other vehicles to take into consideration now. No more being the only bike going around cones in a controlled environment. With all of the excitement and exhilaration of being care-free, there was an entirely new element of risk. Even though he had the met the requirements and could now lawfully drive on the streets, he didn't stop there. He went to less traveled roads and parking lots to work on shifting, turning and getting a feel for how the bike handled. He begin to feel much more confident in his skills after he put in more and more time.

His license arrived in the mail the same day he had purchased the bike. He wanted to be more then just a licensed motorcycle owner. He wanted to be very involved in every aspect of it. He was not mechanically inclined or had any previous experience with machinery. Within a week he was doing his own maintenance on his own bike.

Doing his own maintenance

Our son put himself fulling into his new decision to be a motorcycle owner. He didn't let the minimum expectations be enough. He continued to learn and practice and gain new skills. There is a great gun owner analogy in their somewhere, but I would recommend you do this in every aspect in life.

BTW, he still really wishes his friends had followed him in his new adventures on the road.

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