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Mushin SST believes in preparing you to recognize and control potential risks and be resilient against non-desirable events.


Mushin Safety & Security Training, LLC recognizes that life can change in the blink of an eye.

Being prepared can mean the difference between life and death for you or for a loved one who depends on you.

We offer a variety of opportunities to prepare you for meeting and championing such events.  


There are many classes that are scheduled regularly.


We also host Armed Lady Dayton Chapter, a GREAT way to network with like-minded people in the area, and make new friends.

Benefit from the experiences of other people in the group.





  • Handgun
        Intro to Handgun Fighting/CHL 

           Gun Handling

           Conceal Carry Essentials

  • Introduction to Firearms

           Intro to Handgun​

           Intro to Shotgun

           Intro to Rifle

  • Home Security 

  • Church Security

  • Presentations

           Predicting Violent Behavior​

           Safety in the Workplace

           How to make Conceal Carry Work

  • NRA Training Courses:


        RSO  (Range Safety Officer)                         
        RTBAV (Refuse To Be A Victim)                                 
        Home Firearm Safety        
        Personal Protection Inside the Home                       
        Personal Protection Outside the Home 

        RSO /CRSO (Chief Range Safety Officer)                
        Home Firearm Safety        
        Personal Protection Inside the Home                       
        Personal Protection Outside the Home

  • Medical 
        CPR/First Aid/AED
        Stop the Bleed

  • Active Shooter Response

  • Youth Training

    Eddie Eagle
    Youth Intro to Firearms

  • Private/Group Training
            Couple’s training
            Group Training, including church safety/security


In order to attend any Mushin firearm course, you must be a legal US citizen and have the legal right to own and operate a firearm.  Registration in a course indicates your understanding of this. Mushin reserves the right to refuse training to any applicant for any reason. If the application is not accepted or an event cancelled and not rescheduled, the full amount of tuition paid will be refunded within 30 days. Training may be terminated at any time without refund if your actions are deemed inappropriate by the training staff. Participants must agree to sign an Assumption of Risk / Model Release / Confidentiality Agreement document releasing Mushin, LLC from any liability that may occur during the course of training or thereafter.


  • Full refund will be issued if greater than 10 days’ notice.

  • 50% will be issued if notified between 24 hours and 10 days’ notice.

  • NO REFUND if notice is less than 24 hours. Funds may be applied to a future class



To focus on areas outside of our knowledge level, Mushin hosts some of the top instructors in the nation to make sure that you are getting the best training available. 

Instructors who have worked with Korey and/or James to help influence who they are today:

Massad Ayoob, Tom and Lynn Givens, Rob Pincus, LtCol Dave Grossman, Robert Vogel, Chris Cerino, Andrew Blubaugh, Gabby Franco, John D Farquhar, Dave Spaulding, John and Vicki Farnam, Caleb Causey, Eli Miller, Andrew Branca, John Johnston and Melody Lauer, Greg Ellifritz, Cecil Burch, Chris Fry, William Aprill, Jeff Hall, John Benner


James & Korey Cocking

Both James and Korey Cocking provide defensive firearm instruction from the unique perspective of a private citizen background.

Korey facilitates, and we host, the local women shooting chapters  Armed Lady and The Well Armed Woman.

While we are both certified as instructors through the NRA, Korey is also a Training Counselor and is able to develop student instructor candidates.

Both have trained with many of the nation’s top instructors and continue to do so annually.

We both have post-secondary college education in education and training which helps you as a student in your learning process.

We both have extensive training and vocational medical experience, Korey as a Registered Nurse and James as an EMT.  

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