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It's Gun Storage Check Week

It’s Gun Storage Check week so we thought we would revisit this simple but elusive topic. When one becomes a gun owner, one of the first things that is ensured to be a focus is safety. When you take a class, when you go to the range, and even within that manual of that new purchase. It is pretty consistent. In spite of that, we still have common headlines like these:


Kid’s having access to guns. How do we reduce these stories, and more importantly, how can we reduce the chance that it happens to those we love?

Well, let’s talk about risk.

Many of us have heard of the Swiss cheese of accident causation model. You know the one. When all the holes line up, that red arrow is able to penetrate through all of the slices. That’s bad.

Just a picture of slices of cheese with a red arrow.


First and foremost, we need to ensure our guns are secured. They are only accessible by those who we intend to have access to them. Within a safe or on our person. Desk drawers, glove boxes, under the bed or purses all increase that risk. It creates another opportunity where if everything aligns, bad things can happen.

Education would be another resource:

·        families educating children from when they were able to understand

·        schools having education programs

·        hunter/safety courses

·        programs like Eddie Eagle(Stop, Don’t touch, leave the area, tell an adult is still more catchy!)

These are all great and should be done. I mean, we as a society went through a time where the use and acceptance of firearms was different than many see them today.  


But that doesn’t work for everybody. If there are learning disabilities or cognitive delays, all the education might not help. We have a large portion of our society that has friends or family members that deal with this on a daily basis.

Maybe you are going through some personal mental issues and would like to have someone else store your firearms for a time being until that has passed. There are resources to help with this as well if you do not have anyone able to step in during this time.

If it has been awhile, check what can be added to that rusty old safe.


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